What is SunMed’s CBD Water Soluble?

SunMed CBD Water Soluble Drops

SunMed™ Water Soluble is Different from our oil-based tinctures. This product is a simple to use fast acting liquid that comes in different strength for both oral consumption and topical application. Water Solubles can be added to your favorite water based beverage. While being more effective than other water-soluble products on the market this one of a kind product is designed to be highly bio available for maximum absorption. Because of the quick absorption rate of our water soluble. This Product is excellent for Someone who is looking for Something that is fast acting Or those looking to take CBD in different forms than they have previously used. Our Customers love the convenience of this method, since it can be taken anywhere without difficulty. One of the many benefits of nanoemulsion technology is that a smaller dose will go a longer way, and when combined with the power our hemp extract. Choosing a water soluble emulsified CBD as your dosing option gives you the ability to take CBD on the go easily all you need is water, tea or any other water base beverage.


If you want to sample this product and you are in the Houston Area Visit our location in Spring Texas at 4027 FM 2920 Spring Texas 77388. You Can also always Call us at (346)305-9880 Request one of Our FREE sample packs to be sent to you by mail.


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